Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boxes in Advance

Today I made a bunch of lunches in advance. I have three part-time jobs and go to school practically full time and am often on the go. As a result my bentos are pretty "boring," consisting of items I KNOW will keep in the fridge and will not require reheating. Occasionally I make more interesting boxes with cooked foods, if I have time in the morning before I go someplace, but these boxes are examples of my routine, made in advance, lunches.
Box A: Basic Grape
Tier 1- grapes, saltines, cheese stars
Tier 2- almonds, celery, baby spinach, snow peas, broccoli, carrots
Box B: Basic Apple
Tier 1- apple slices, saltines, cheese acorns
Tier 2- same salad as Box A
Box C: Basic Banana (actually, the first time I have USED banana in a bento)
same salad as Box A, banana slices, saltines, cheese leaves
Box D: I Had Half An Apple Left (and did something a little different)
apple slices, raisins, celery, saltines, cheese slices (no shape this time)

I am one of those people who will eat the same thing every day if it works. This does, but I also want to try more things and work in some "actually Japanese" foods. I am a picky eater who is trying to branch out slowly, which will hopefully be helped by blogging. It would be boring if I only posted apple bentos, wouldn't it?

The dollar store Bob the Builder box is about the same size as the Snufkin one-tier, the only set back being the lack of divider. Luckily, apples and cupcake papers solved that "problem." (I may go back to the dollar store and grab the Strawberry Shortcake box of the same size at some point, but I do not think I will need it.)

I have left an open invitation to my little sister to take one of the boxes to school if she wants to. We will have to see if she does!

EDIT: Mom is taking the bird box tomorrow (replaced the saltines with rice crackers), kid brother is taking a one tier (not sure which), little sister possibly taking the other. I will take the apple bento because it is my favorite box and my favorite lunch all in one! If the family likes the lunches I may HAVE to get the other dollar store one tier in order to keep up.

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