Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dollar Store Bento Finds

I LOVE dollar stores. There is a Dollar Tree by my school and today I stopped in to see if there was anything "bento" about. I found these guys in the "Baby" section!

Fun fact: Giraffes are very much a Joneko thing. I am sending these in my next package to her! The small canisters come in sets of two that include the spoon. They are meant for baby food, but are also good for small portions of chili, soup or applesauce or... whatever. (No rule saying you cannot use them for dry foods too!) The larger container is almost as big as a classic one-tier bento. Perfect for a light lunch.

(I put some cupcake papers in the large container for sending to Jo. They make good, inexpensive dividers. Alas, they are not sustainable. I am looking into a set of silicone baking cups that I can reuse.)

I picked up some koalas for myself because... really, it was a dollar for two and a spoon. I am fond of taking leftover chili with me to school and these are just perfect!

My final find was this little "sandwich" box. I actually got this on a previous dollar store run, but they are still in stock.
There are also a similar sized matching snack canister, which are round. I was not interested in them though, round containers are more difficult to pack sometimes. Both were by the "boring" tupperware and plastic organizers. This box is "small," I used it last night for a "dinner snack" while working at the library. It held a small salad, five ravioli "pillows" and a cupcake paper full of raisins without my having to smosh anything!

P.S. My "non-dollar store" bento boxes were posted on my other blog. Instead of reiterating the posts here I think I will just link you to the "bento box" catagory/label on that blog:

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  1. The only thing more Joneko is Ladybugs and Sunflowers!