Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheri Box

Impulse buy from

Okay, maybe I have been thinking about this box for a long while now. It was out of stock within 24 hours of its original "in stock" on the website. I looked at it sadly and clicked the "notify me of restock" button. The email saying it was back happened to come last week on pay day so... I snatched it up before it could slip out of stock again.

Why did I want this box so badly? A few of reasons:
1. Being a Shinzi Katoh box it is exactly the same size as my Little Red Riding Hood box. This is my favorite size box!
2. Ponytailed Cheri and her cat remind me of me with my Baby.
4. I like the little french phrase. ("Tu peux venir quand tu veux.")

Alright, on to the features:

No bento belt needed for this one (like the Little Red box) because it clicks shut! YAY!

Movable divider on the top teir:

And, of course, it can all "collapse" into one tier when it is empty. Exciting, non?

I can hardly wait to use it!

I will try to take pictures later this week. Right now ALS and Mom have the camera with them on a couple college visits. (These pictures are all from the "crappy built in webcam" on my little netbook.)

Have an awesome lunch!
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