Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like....

Fun fact: I rather hate summer! I am a Christmas child and I prefer winter, snow and ice.

So, to stay cheerful this summer I decided to keep the Christmas spirit alive for myself. I have a snowflake cookie cutter (and a moose too, which can double as raindeer because I have an imagination) and as of today I have some very silly mini-ice packs with a frosty theme:


Christmas Trees


There are two of each, they came from the Bento Obento Shop on ebay. I have ordered from them before, they ship very quickly and sent me a 'free gift' soy sauce container each time. Each ice pack is about an inch tall and a half inch wide. (Totally guessing on the measurements.) I cannot wait to try them out! They fit nicely in all my boxes.

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