Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Veggie Sushi Bentos

Sorry for the posting void, school has been eating me alive too much to:
a) try too many new/exciting things with lunches
b) remember to take pictures of the boxes before someone consumes them!

(Amazing Little Sister has her own bento box now too! It is an URARA Dragonfly box, very cool looking. I have an URARA Rabbit box to match! She is a much better cook than I am so I MAY see if I can get pictures of her bentos to share.)

THESE bentos are in boxes I found at the Dollar Tree! I found them to be the PERFECT size for sushi rolls. Last week I picked up a sushi mat and some more tiny utensils at Lampson and Goodnow and have been finding sushi is pretty easy to make!

These boxes are for me and my friend Hanna to have at school tomorrow.

This is acutally my SECOND time making the cucumber avacado rolls. The came out just as squished looking last time too. I think it is the way I sliced the cucumber (shavings using a peeler) that leaves it without a round shape. The sweet potato rolls came out in the right shape though! I did have to squish them slightly to make them fit better in the box.

I do not know what KIND of sweet potato I used, but I know it is not the usual kind. It is more yellow than orange, but it tastes good anyway! I finished the boxes off with carrot sticks because they were lacking in warm colors.

I also made one of my "usual" boxes tonight for my mother:

She REALLY likes the apple slices. The cheese is in heart shapes. I used the leftover avacado from the rolls in her salad per her request and also added some crasins. She has been taking a bento to work nearly every day! Apparently they are a hit with people at both of her workplaces and everyone wants to know more about them.

I will try to update at least once a week from now on!
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  1. I'm so jealous of your Strawberry Shortcake box!